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Spiritual weddings in Northern Ireland

Your wedding is one of the most special and memorable days of your life. Many couples are now choosing a ceremony that will stand out as a wonderful testimony to their love for each other. A Spiritual Ceremony is a reflection of who you are as individuals and who you are as a couple as you begin to share your lives together.  

Spiritual weddings

A Spiritual Wedding Ceremony is a new and exciting alternative to weddings offered by other churches that require you to subscribe to a creed or a civil ceremony, which allows you no input. A Spiritual Wedding will provide the perfect ceremony, irrespective of beliefs or your religious base.

A special, personal day

A Spiritual Ceremony is the perfect choice when one or both parties have been previously married in a religious tradition, and wish to marry in a church but are unable to remarry in their own faith. It is also the perfect choice for couples who don’t share the same faith and wish all beliefs to be reflected in their ceremony.

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By choosing a Spiritual Ceremony you will have the choice to get married anywhere in Northern Ireland. That can be in nature, at a "beauty spot", at a historic building, or in a hotel. Your Spiritual Ceremony also gives you the choice to be personal and intimate. It allows you to write your own vows, choose your own readings, play your own music and plan your own rituals. In doing so, your guests will feel uplifted at having taken part in a beautiful ceremony which can be cherished forever in their memories.

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